All on 4™ (Same Day Implant)

This advanced pattern of rehabilitating a patient who has no teeth in the mouth or requires extraction of all remaining teeth due to decay (caries) or gum disease (periodontitis) was pioneered by Dr Malo in Portugal. This type of rehabilitation involves the placement of 4 dental implants in specific angulation in each arch (upper and lower jaw) and a bespoke bridge made for the patient fitted on the same day. This treatment has been extensively studied and has been proven to give a result of more than 95% success.


1. I have been advised that I do not have enough bone for implant placement in the past. Will I be able to have this procedure done?

There is a wide variety of Bone Graft Procedures available but in most cases, Dr Prasath can rehabilitate patients without any major grafting. A consultation with Dr Prasath is recommended before concluding.

2. Will I be left without teeth during the procedure?

No, you will be fitted with a fixed temporary bridge that same day.

3. Will there be any plastic palate extending to the roof of the mouth?

No, this is a hybrid bridge and does not involve any palate.

4. Will I be able to afford it?

We have easy payment options or you can get it on 0% finance option and the payment will be spread over 24 months.

For your unanswered questions on All-on-4™ please feel free to contact us or book your implant consultation at Lovesmile.

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