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Dental Implant Blogs


Myths about Dental Implants


If you're thinking about dental implants then you've probably put a lot of time and effort into finding out more about this treatment.....


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Dental Implant for Diabetes patient


The two key problems associated with dental implant surgery for diabetic patients include impaired wound healing and an increased risk of infection...


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Age restriction on getting implant


You can be too young for implants but age itself is not a barrier. The state of your health is an important criteria and your dentist will determine your suitability for surgery......


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Aftercare of Dental Implants


Tips for caring for your dental implants come under two broad categories: habit and hygiene...


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Implants to replace teeth lost in accident


Whether you lose a tooth due to an accident, gum disease or decay, that tooth is no longer helping to evenly distribute the forces among the remaining teeth...


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