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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Some people do not have enough healthy natural bone to support dental implants. Insufficiency of natural bone can be caused by:

1. Gum disease

2. Tooth development defects

3. Wearing dentures for many years

4. An injury to the face or trauma

Spaces left empty in the mouth after teeth are removed

Dental procedures where efforts were not made to restore natural bone

It is not unusual for patients presented for a consultation at Lovesmile be informed at some point in the discussion that he or she may require a “bone graft” in order to maximise the outcome of dental implant surgery. While this sounds pretty scary at first, the truth is that bone grafting today is a routine, predictable and painless procedure.

With bone grafting, a piece of bone is removed from another part of your jaw or your body – your hip, for example and transplanted to your jawbone. It may take up to nine months for the transplanted bone to grow enough to support a dental implant. In some cases, you may need only minor bone grafting, which can be done at the same time as the implant surgery.

There are a variety of sources of bone grafting material used for preserving or augmenting bone for dental implants. All of these bone grafting materials are backed by significant research. They are processed (except “Autografts”, which do not need processing) so that they are safe to use, eliminating the potential for rejection or disease transmission.

Dentist at Lovesmile at can check on the success of the bone graft by performing x-rays to determine the height and width of the new bone. Once this has been confirmed as satisfactory, and the site of the bone graft is totally healed, the next stage of the dental implant process can begin.

When a bone graft is necessary, patients must recover fully from that surgery before the implants can be placed. As a result, bone grafts may extend the overall time frame for dental implants, and patients should be prepared for that.

If you need to replace a tooth that was lost only recently, you can avoid a bone graft by scheduling your dental implant surgery in the near future before bone loss begins to occur.

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