Dental Implants Vs. Cost Involved

No matter whether you’re seeking a dental implant treatment at Lovesmile or elsewhere in the UK, there’s no getting away from that fact that they are expensive. One of the most common questions regarding dental implants is, “How much do dental implants cost?” Many people want to know exactly what kind of financial commitment they will be getting into before even starting.

It can be nearly impossible to put an exact price on how many dental implants will cost until an initial consultation is conducted. Each and every person’s mouth is different and at different stages of dental health, so it’s not possible to give a price until a consultation and x-rays are performed. Once the consultation is conducted, the dentist will be able to give you a “roadmap” of what needs to be done to get your mouth ready for a dental implant. At this point he or she should be able to give you more information on pricing for the procedures.

Your cost of dental implant procedure mainly depends on these things:

a. The cost of materials used in the implant itself

b. The experience of the surgeon needed to fit them

c. The procedure itself

d. The running costs of state-of-the-art equipment needed to aid fitting

Now let’s take a close look at these factors:

Cost of materials

The main component used in over 99% of all dental implants is titanium, yet because of the fact that it’s very difficult to extract from the ground, it’s also very expensive. So why use it? In essence, it has a number of properties that makes this component the perfect material for dental implants. Firstly it’s incredibly lightweight, yet it has very good strength. Secondly, it’s non-corrosive and anti-allergenic, meaning it’s perfect for use in operative procedures. Lastly, the body’s natural bone tissue will merge and fuse with it in a remarkable process known as osseointegration. This is vital to the success of the implant and is what makes the procedure so unique.

Time and experience of the dentist

Implant dentistry is a specialist area of dentistry. As such any successful implant dentist would have undergone years of intense training, which doesn’t come cheap and which some way or other has to be paid for. It goes without saying therefore that when a patient decides on a dental implant they’ll be paying for the services of a highly-skilled implant dentist and everything associated with that.

Series of surgical procedures and use of x-rays, CT scan etc:

Placement of dental implants includes a series of surgical processes and fittings over a period of roughly 6-9 months. If there is insufficient bone in which to place an implant, then the dentist may suggest a bone graft to build more bone to support the implant. This again will increase the cost of the dental implant procedure and lengthen the time scale involved.

Equipment costs

In order to drastically reduce the risk of dental implant failure state-of-the-art equipment is often used. Quite often CT Scans are used by a dentist to see the make-up of your jaw and to locate structures such as nerves and sinuses which will help the dentist to avoid them when your implants are placed.

Lowest price shopping is the wrong mindset:

In this day and age, it’s very common to shop for a product or service solely based on price, however, when it comes to your health this is the exact opposite mindset you should be in. Instead, be looking for the most qualified professional to help you with a successful procedure.

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