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Implant Supported Dental Bridge


Although dental implants are best known as single tooth replacements, they can actually play a role in multiple or complete tooth loss (edentulism) restorations. While replacing multiple teeth with individual implants is quite expensive, there's another way to incorporate them in a restoration at much less cost - as supports for bridges.


Implant supported bridges are very similar to traditional bridges with the difference being that they are anchored to dental crowns which have been placed onto dental implants. A patient having an implant supported bridge needs to have dental implants placed on either side of the bridge.


How does it work?


In some cases, your dentist may not want to put an implant in a certain place in your mouth. There may not be enough jawbone to support an implant, or the location may be too close to a nerve or sinus cavity (located above your upper teeth). In that case, your dentist can avoid the area by placing implants on both sides of the space. An implant-supported bridge also can be made similar to a traditional bridge, with a crown suspended between two implant-supported crowns.


Implant supported bridges are far more stable than removable bridges, which means that patients can bite, chew, smile, and speak without any worries about their bridge coming loose. In addition, the dental implants will prevent gum recession and bone loss, both of which are problems commonly associated with missing teeth.


An implant-supported bridge offers more security than a traditional dental bridge, and it does not affect the health or structure of the adjacent teeth. Because dental implants mimic tooth roots, an implant-supported bridge feels and functions just like the natural teeth. Another major benefit of an implant-supported bridge is that it stimulates the jawbone, so it can help patients avoid atrophy, which is a common side effect of tooth loss.


Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from dental implants shy away from the treatment due to the cost. However, Lovesmile offers monthly payment option with 0% interest. This can help to make the cost of implants more manageable.


If you have any questions about getting an implant supported bridge to replace multiple lost teeth, please feel free to contact Lovesmile or schedule a consultation. We will examine your mouth to determine if you are a candidate for a dental bridge, and if you are, we'll discuss whether an implant or crown-supported option is the better choice.






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