We ensure that our fees are reasonable and we strive keep them low, so we can offer affordable dental treatment. This price list is provided for guidance, but exact costing can be provided based on examination and a treatment plan, which is personalised for each patient.

Our Fee Guide


New Dental Patient Consultation (includes any required x-rays)



Dental Examination

Small X-Rays £10

Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG)


Hygienist Appointment (30 minute)


Full assessment for Dental Implants £150

Amalgam Fillings
£75 – £125

Composite Fillings
£125 – £275

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (done with laser disinfection of canals)

Incisors & Canines
From £450


From £550


From £700


Routine Extraction

From £110


Complicated From £150
Surgical From £300

PRF Grafting per tooth
From £350

Acrylic upper/lower Executive quality From £995
Acrylic upper/ lower Standard range From £565
Partial Acrylic Upper or Lower From £495
Cobalt Chrome From £1,195
Flexible Denture From £650
Tooth Coloured Clasps From £60
CROWNS (3 Levels of Dental Crown are available)
Porcelain/Metal Bond From £595
E Max (Ceramic) From £695

Zircon (Ceramic)
From £795

Cast Posts From £125
Fibre Posts (and core) From £125

Porcelain Veneer

From £795

Porcelain Onlay/Inlay From £595
CEREC - Our digital scanner and on site digital lab mean we can create ceramic reconstructions in one visit
CEREC Inlay From £595
CEREC Crown From £595
BRIDGES per unit (3 levels available fees per unit as for crowns)

Fees Range Between

£595 to £795

Maryland Bridge From £525
3-month temporary bridge From £150
Plus £200 deposit towards the permanent bridge
REVO 1 £1,500
REVO 2 £2,500
REVO 3 £5,500
Tongue Tie correction – Lingual Frenectomy £650  

Upper & Lower Tray Bleaching. Zoom



Enlighten combination £700
Combination whitening – in office and home £550
DENTAL IMPLANTS (All our dental implants are done with 3D planning and laser-assisted surface preparation)

Dental Implant Consultation


Problematic Implant Consultation (For patients with pre-existing implants which require attention)


Implant Exposure £100

CBCT Scan (per arch) – 3D X Ray


Cortical bone grafts



Single Sinus Graft £1,500

Single Implant Placement
From £1,250


Straumann single implant placement

From £1,450


Augmentation From £300
Temporary Implant Retained Crown £200
Standard Implant Retained Crown From £900

Cosmetic Implant Retained Crown

From £1,050


Single Tooth Replacement From £2,300
2 Implants in the lower jaw and lower full dentures with anchors From £4,000
4 Implants in upper jaw with full upper denture and anchors From £7,500
Same day teeth and 4 implants, same day, Fixed acrylic temporary bridge and permanent PEEK bridge 6 months later From £14,500  

All on 6 implants with PEEK bridge

From £15,000


Implant removal (surgical removal of any problematic implants including any aftercare required) £300 per implant
OTHER TREATMENTS (All our dental implants are done with 3D planning and laser-assisted surface preparation)
Wand £40
Laser disinfection for fillings £50 per tooth
Bonding – 3D Guided £300 per tooth

Note: All treatments are subject to the initial consultation, treatment planning, discussion and consent with the treating dentist. The cost of treatment might vary depending on the cost of stock that is imported.


We are open for dental emergencies. Please contact our reception on 0151 709 5454, who will be able to help you with booking an appointment. We apologise for any delay due to the increase in call volumes, but we will endeavour to attend your calls. Alternatively please email info@lovesmile.co.uk with your concern, best contact number, name and date of birth

We at Lovesmile wish all our patients a safe and healthy life during this period of crisis - COVID 19

We will open the practice for only emergencies, which will definitely require dental attendance. If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19 please self isolate and contact 111 for further advise

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