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At Lovesmile we provide excellent standards in patient care within our fully equipped implant surgery in Liverpool, Merseyside. A full implantology service is available from a single tooth to a full mouth reconstruction. Bone augmentation is conducted by our experienced surgeons where required.


The ‘state of the art’ in tooth replacement, modern imaging techniques and computerised planning are used at Lovesmile to ensure that your dental implant solution is functionally predictable and aesthetically pleasing for the long term.

High Quality Implants

Our implants and equipment come from internationally recognised and renowned suppliers to ensure that our work has the best possible results. Your health and safety is our main concern.

Focused on Dental Implants

Our clinic is specifically designed for the treatments we provide. Our area of interest is dental implants and unlike general dental practices our expertise lies mainly with the provision of implant related treatments.

Advance Implant Procedures

We are capable to conduct advance implant procedures like same-day dental implant placement and bone grafting. We can replace your missing single tooth, or a whole arch of missing teeth.

Clear Treatment Plan

Once we have completed a comprehensive examination we then discuss with you a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. We give you all the treatment options so that you can make an informed decision.


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